Exsurgo Technologies is a sports technology company focused on developing practical devices that provide instant feedback. Our technology is designed to empower coaches, arming them with quantifiable data that allows them to better evaluate athletes and their training.

Vision Statement

“Exsurgo strives to be the universal standard in sports science, allowing athletes and coaches to understand, evaluate, and compare key performance metrics. Exsurgo captures complex data and immediately disseminates that into easily interpretable feedback, authentically connecting testing and training.”

Our Founder

greg lutton founder exsurgo technologies

Greg Lutton, a Harvard University Extension School graduate, spent 15 years in the development of video games and television. The birth of his son prompted Greg, an active individual with interests in traditional and extreme sports, to pursue his passions in the fitness and performance industry.

Upon entering the field, Greg quickly realized that he did not have enough access to objective measurements. Without this, he and other coaches were simply guessing on programming and training. Exsurgo Technologies was created to provide a practical, accessible solution to that problem.

Advisory Panel

Exsurgo’s commitment to being a leader in sport science and maximizing the impact of their technology has led to the creation of the Exsurgo Advisory Panel. Each member of the advisory panel is an active coach that has been hand-selected based on knowledge, experience, and a desire to improve the field of athletic development. Our advisors provide input on device development, educational resources, and assessment/training protocols.

justin lima exsurgo advisory panel

Justin Lima

Director of Football Performance - Towson University

PhD in Health and Human Performance

steffan jones exsurgo advisory panel

Steffan Jones

Founder of Pacelab Academy

Director of Sports Performance - Wellington School

Our Focus



Exsurgo’s team combines their knowledge with feedback from the advisory board, ambassadors, and other industry contacts to understand the problems coaches face and the areas of need. Once a significant problem is identified, our team brainstorms to develop the simplest and most effective solution.



Once the concept is approved, we move onto the design phase for both the hardware and software, focusing heavily on user experience. An initial prototype is designed and tested by a select sample population. The user feedback leads to future iterations of prototypes and this testing process repeats until the product is up to Exsurgo standards.



Upon completion of the testing process, a final product has been created. This device will now go into full production with our U.S. based manufacturer. All Exsurgo devices are proudly made in the United States. Once assembled, the products are able to be distributed. Initial distribution run focuses on our partner accounts and existing customers, followed by website and wholesale availability.



When a coach, or athlete, receives a device, our job is just getting started. In order to ensure optimal value, Exsurgo is responsible for providing a base of protocols, education, and community-based resources. Furthermore, our team is available to help with support or custom solutions. Understanding the unique goals and use cases of device users allow for increased development.

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