New to the world of exercise assessment technology? Not sure what level of tech is right for you? Exsurgo devices are great introductory assessment tools to measure your athletes and give feedback on their abilities, training progress and performance. More advanced with sports science? Customize the use of Exsurgo devices to fit your athletes or team.

Do not be overwhelmed by too much information. The goal of the Exsurgo is to take highly complex performance measurements and give the coach or trainer information they can use. 

By combining the flight with the Exsurgo Performance System, you as a coach or trainer can track the progress of your athletes over time and ensure they are performing at their best. 

Stop guessing, start assessing.


With the gFlight, you can measure jump height and ground contact time, which will give you the athlete’s reactive strength index. These 3 metrics are easy to understand yet powerful enough to understand the strengths and limitations of any athlete. By analyzing multiple jumping movements, training programs can be customized specific to the needs of each athlete.

Other tools to measure jump height, ground contact time and reactive strength index can be complex and expensive. With the gFlight, we aim to give the coaches the information that matters most to them at a price they can afford.


The effectiveness of isometric strength has been researched for years, but application has been held back by the lack of ability to quantify force. Now with the gStrength you can get real-time feedback on the amount of force applied. In addition, the gStrength provides Rate of Force Development (RFD) that is a game changer for analyzing athletic performance.

The gStrength is shipped with two carabiners and one strap allowing the device to be attached in different heights and angles. This flexibility means that one device can measure numerous movements and tests. Between the gStrength and our advisory panel, Exsurgo will change the way isometrics are used in training and assessment.



Measuring the amount of time between distances has been the most common way to assess athletes. The Exsurgo gSprint allows you to do this accurately and easily, without wires or complicated equipment. Start the timer with the break of a beam, push of a button, or on the sound of a beep and stop the timer as the athlete crosses the finish beam. Unlimited timing gates can be added to measure splits or to run change of direction tests.