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The EPS system comes with both a web dashboard and mobile app. In order to purchase a paid plan you need to sign up through the web dashboard which can be found by clicking "Create an Account" below.

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Designed with standardized assessments, workouts, and load calculators.

Use our preselected tests or ouse our general testing functionality. The EPS is adaptable for any training methodology.

What this means to coaches?

Select the tests you want to measure and easily monitor your athletes.

Designed for use by individuals, teams, or full organizations.

  • Create athlete profiles.
  • Organize athletes into teams.
  • Perform multiple tests on an athlete or quickly switch between athletes for team testing.

What this means to coaches?

Less time focused on technology and more time with your athletes.

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eps review sessions

Review sessions directly on the app.

The review functionality organizes session history and allows for immediate analysis of progress and trends.

What this means to coaches?

You have your athlete testing data with you at all times. No more digging through files or spreadsheets!