gFlight V2

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gFlight V2

The gFlight v2. Assess, Measure, Understand.

PRODUCT UPDATE: We have a NEW manufacturer and are in production! Units will ship MAY 2023! SHIPPING MAY 2023, not sooner so please be aware of this if you purchase a gFlight! 

With the gFlight, you can measure:

  • Jump height in inches and centimeters (IN and CM)
  • Ground contact time (GCT)
  • Reactive Strength Index (RSI).

These variables are key to understanding athlete performance. Use the gFlight as an assessment tool to help build programs or use it as a training tool to give you instant results on each effort.

gFlight V2


gFlight V2

  • Wider distance between sensors. Up to 10ft so you can do much more with it.
  • Solar shielding so you can use it outside on the court, field or track.
  • Bluetooth enabled so the data can be sent out to the Exsurgo Performance System app on iOs and Android.
gFlight V2 feature breakdown

Product Description

Instant display of jump height, GCT and RSI

Bluetooth enabled to pair with the gTechAMS app

Solar shielding and high-power sensor for increased range

Silicone rubber housing and ABS plastic case able to withstand impact