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Everyone wants to go fast but how do you know how fast you are going? Are you still using hand timed sprints in your training? Want to take out the delay and error in your timing? The gSprint is our answer to a cost-effective sprint timing tool.

Measure the standard distances or get creative and do contextual sprints running routes and various cut drills that are more specific to the demands of sport.

Base unit comes with 2 tripods and clamps.

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  • Optical – Place it on the ground to do a hand-release start or put it in tripods for a flying start. Push Button start - Push the button and the units beep signaling the start. This helps measure reaction time.
  • With a tested range at 300+ yards line of sight, you can go for longer than just a 10, 20, 40 or 100yd sprint.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
gSprint feature breakdown

Product Description

Instant display of sprint time on the head unit.

Solar shielding and high-power sensor for increased range

Silicone rubber housing and ABS plastic case able to withstand impact