Tyler Nelson

Exsurgo’s commitment to being a leader in sport science and maximizing the impact of their technology has led to the creation of the Exsurgo Advisory Team. Each member of the advisory panel is an active coach who has been hand-selected based on knowledge, experience, and a desire to improve the field of athletic development. Our advisors provide input on device development, educational resources, and assessment/training protocols.

What started your career in strength and conditioning?

When in graduate school I had the opportunity of doing a dual masters degree in exercise science. I jumped on the opportunity because I have always been an athlete. I started climbing in college and quickly realized that the methods of training were relatively antiquated. The use of science based training principles was lagging. Once I graduated I sat for the CSCS exam and started applying the principles to climbing specific training. Since that time I have been teaching climbing coaches around the world these concepts and how to apply them.

What is your favorite professional accomplishment?

hmm. I'm relatively new in my career (6-years out of graduate school). I would say that It is partly getting the opportunity to teach around the world on these topics. In addition, building two businesses in a span of 6 years while still managing a family of 4 children and having time to train.

3 Reasons you are different from other strength coaches/therapists?

  1. I am both a healthcare provider and a strength & conditioning coach. Understanding how similar they are is helpful for coaches.
  2. My background in anatomy and physiology. 2 years of cadaver A&P education in graduate school and 6 years of teaching A&P      
  3. I have a good understanding of the modern perspective on the pain experience. I'm not a structuralist only type of clinician. I'm a big believer in the adaptive capacity of the individual. I appreciate how the sustainability of one's lifestyle is one of the biggest predictors for athletic injuries.

Why do you choose to work with Exsurgo?

I choose to work with Exsurgo because I believe in the product and company. I have always had a sincere feeling about Greg Lutton, and his goal to help coaches better assess their athletes through affordable technology. This is a big deal for my sport. Rock climbers need the ability to assess athletes isometrically from multiple angles and body positions. The Gstrength500 is exactly what I was looking for as a piece of equipment for my athletes. Once I hooked up with Greg the rest was history. I was able to formulate the equations for the portal and then his team put together the pieces.

Full Advisory Panel

justin lima exsurgo advisory panel

Justin Lima

Director of Football Performance - Towson University

PhD in Health and Human Performance

steffan jones exsurgo advisory panel

Steffan Jones

Founder of Pacelab Academy

Director of Sports Performance - Wellington School

alex natera exsurgo advisory panel

Alex Natera

Head of Strength and Conditioning - NSW Institute of Sport

Founder of Natera Performance Solutions

tyler nelson exsurgo advisory panel

Tyler Nelson

Founder of C4HP

Doctor of Chiropractic / CSCS - certified

Cisco Reyes

Founder of The Rise Lab

PhD in Exercise Science /  Associate Professor at Linfield University

Executive Board Member for NSCA Sport Science and Performance Tech special interest group