Cisco Reyes

Exsurgo’s commitment to being a leader in sport science and maximizing the impact of their technology has led to the creation of the Exsurgo Advisory Team. Each member of the advisory panel is an active coach who has been hand-selected based on knowledge, experience, and a desire to improve the field of athletic development. Our advisors provide input on device development, educational resources, and assessment/training protocols.

What started your career in strength and conditioning?

I got into S&C because I wanted to guide, and education athletes better than I was. My professional mantra is to educate, engage, and empower athletes to be the best version of themselves, day in and day out. On a more global scale, I loved sports since I was young and wanted to find ways to stay around sports, even when I could no longer competitively play. Sports is a part of my personality and S&C was a way for me to consistently have it be a part of my day-to-day operations.

What is your favorite professional accomplishment?

While I don't have one true event to claim as my greatest accomplishment, I have two general situations that brings joy and pride to my job: connecting and networking like-minded individuals with one another, and seeing former athletes find a passion in something and appreciate human performance. I take great pride in my service and involvement with S&C organization, like with Exsurgo and the NSCA. Not only is it educational for me, but it allows me to establish rapport and relationships with others in the community. I love bringing people together to work towards common goals and interests, so when I hear of collaborations between people that I in some way, shape, or form connected with, that brings a smile to my phase. Secondly, I don't train athletes or teach students just for the sake of education. I want them to feel inspired to be a transformational leader. I want them feeling empowered and engaged so they understand how to help themselves, as well as make a difference to those around them, in whatever endeavor they take on.

3 Reasons you are different from other strength coaches/therapists?

Not many university professors can say they double as a strength coach, and not many strength coaches can say they double as a university professor. I have daily opportunities to blend the academics with athletics for the sake of our exercise science students, as well as our competing student-athletes. To piggy-back of that, not many university professors/strength coach can triple as a private gym owner. This allows me to have a wider effect on the youth athletes I train and coach in my community. I am able to tie in community youth sports, with collegiate sports, with higher education experience to truly INTEGRATE life, work, and sports. Add to that my involvement with S&C organizations, I am a resource to my community that not many others can say they have access to.

Why do you choose to work with Exsurgo?

I'm constantly striving to be innovative in how I educate, engage, and empower students and athletes, especially through the use of technology. I admire the vision of Exsurgo and how their attempt to bring professionals together with their high-quality technology and eventual data collection. What started from Greg's mind and blue-collar work at home is attractive to me in his work ethic and visions of making a difference in our S&C community.

Full Advisory Panel

justin lima exsurgo advisory panel

Justin Lima

Director of Football Performance - Towson University

PhD in Health and Human Performance

steffan jones exsurgo advisory panel

Steffan Jones

Founder of Pacelab Academy

Director of Sports Performance - Wellington School

cisco reyes exsurgo advisory panel

Cisco Reyes

Founder of The Rise Lab

PhD in Exercise Science / Associate Professor at Linfield University

Executive Board Member for NSCA Sport Science and Performance Tech special interest group

brent day exsurgo advisory panel

Brent Day

Owner of Real Kinetic Fitness

Professor of Kinesiology at Langara College