Brent Day

Brent is a professor of Kinesiology at Langara College in Vancouver, British Columbia. He also runs Real Kinetic Fitness, a strength and conditioning company that focuses on working with elite athletes around the province of British Columbia. Recently, Brent has joined the applied human performance research team at Langara College and is working towards identifying pragmatic concepts for utilizing sport science in applied settings.


Brent was a generalist in his athletic career, playing hockey, basketball, baseball, and track & field during high school. That was when he was first introduced to the weight room. After high school he continued to play hockey, but also started competing in long course triathlon. This was when his passion started for strength & conditioning. He started creating his own programs for his triathlon training and started studying Kinesiology with a strength and conditioning focus in university. From there he became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with the NSCA. Later he went to Edith Cowan University to complete a Masters in Exercise Science.


The most common tests Brent uses in his practice, research, and in the classroom are countermovement jump, squat jump, reactive strength index assessments, isometric mid-thigh pull, speed assessments, and velocity based 1RM testing.


I started using gFlight and gStrength in my Advanced Principles in Resistance Training course to help run the students through various labs. With the ease of collecting data in the classroom setting, I quickly started to use the tech with athletes to help with athlete assessment and monitoring.

Full Advisory Panel

justin lima exsurgo advisory panel

Justin Lima

Director of Football Performance - Towson University

PhD in Health and Human Performance

steffan jones exsurgo advisory panel

Steffan Jones

Founder of Pacelab Academy

Director of Sports Performance - Wellington School

cisco reyes exsurgo advisory panel

Cisco Reyes

Founder of The Rise Lab

PhD in Exercise Science / Associate Professor at Linfield University

Executive Board Member for NSCA Sport Science and Performance Tech special interest group

brent day exsurgo advisory panel

Brent Day

Owner of Real Kinetic Fitness

Professor of Kinesiology at Langara College