Alex Natera

Exsurgo’s commitment to being a leader in sport science and maximizing the impact of their technology has led to the creation of the Exsurgo Advisory Team. Each member of the advisory panel is an active coach who has been hand-selected based on knowledge, experience, and a desire to improve the field of athletic development. Our advisors provide input on device development, educational resources, and assessment/training protocols.

What started your career in strength and conditioning?

At high school I had a Strength coach named Mr Cooper, he taught me the lifts and got me competing in Weightlifting. Having a high school strength coach was very uncommon in Australia in the late 80’s/early 90’s. I knew from the moment I started working with him that I wanted to be a strength & conditioning coach after my rugby career. In essence I knew what I wanted to be when I was 12 years old. My rugby career didn’t reach the heights I wanted it to and as I dropped from professional leagues to semi-professional leagues, I was lucky enough to get offered a job in the English Premier League with minimal qualifications to my name.

What is your favorite professional accomplishment?

To tell a very long story short it was taking over the complete reins of an elite athlete, albeit a perennial underachiever, who had had a major falling out with her coach. Essentially the coach had refused to work with the athlete anymore and was just awaiting the end of her contract, coinciding with an Olympic Games cycle (a 24-month period), before forcing her into retirement.

Myself and two of my other performance science staff colleagues intervened and after a lot of “blood, sweat and tears” eventually turned this perennial underachiever into a World Champion, fixed the relationship with the coach and then slipped back into the background as support staff again. This accomplishment was truly a holistic intervention from lifestyle to mindset to physical prowess and influencing relationships.

3 Reasons you are different from other strength coaches/therapists?

  1. I’m not afraid to “think outside of the box” and challenge the status quo – in fact I thrive on doing this. This is most probably due to my varied background where my career has been split across multiple countries working in highly evidence-based environments like National Institutes of Sport and the other half in pro-sports steeped with traditions and trends and the week to week pressure and scrutiny.
  2. I’m far from dogmatic. I am not aligned to one way of training or a particular method/strategy/system. Of course, I have my biases/preferences and occasional non-negotiables - but every athlete is unique, and I get the best results by fitting the program to the athlete not the athlete to the program. I have a range of tools available and identify which tools I need to use and when to use them. This has probably been fostered by being lucky enough to work in environments where trying things were embraced. Thus, I’ve been fortunate to try most training methods and modalities. I’ve failed lots and developed a great BS filter along the way which also helps this.
  3. I am always on a quest to do what matters! I remove fluff from the program and strip it back to elements that make a difference. This is not just isolated to training but also to assessing and monitoring performance. I try to eliminate the “noise” so I can understand and access the “truth”.

Why do you choose to work with Exsurgo?

Truth be known I was on a quest to produce and market a product like (but nowhere near as good as) the G-strength. Exsurgo did what I could not do and I was immediately drawn to them. As I learnt more about the other products they offer and got to understand their mission and vision – it was an absolutely no brainer for me to be associated and work with Exsurgo. I believe that physical performance diagnostics and training monitoring should not only be for the elites. Injuries happen all across the spectrum from the regular fitness enthusiast, the under 8 soccer player and the weekend warrior right up to the collegiate star and the Olympic finalists; and at the very least most people just want to be a better version of themselves. Exsurgo means that now EVERYONE can take the guess work out of training and minimise injury occurrence, guide and target training more effectively and track that better version of themselves as they go along their training and health journey.

Full Advisory Panel

justin lima exsurgo advisory panel

Justin Lima

Director of Football Performance - Towson University

PhD in Health and Human Performance

steffan jones exsurgo advisory panel

Steffan Jones

Founder of Pacelab Academy

Director of Sports Performance - Wellington School

alex natera exsurgo advisory panel

Alex Natera

Head of Strength and Conditioning - NSW Institute of Sport

Founder of Natera Performance Solutions

tyler nelson exsurgo advisory panel

Tyler Nelson

Founder of C4HP

Doctor of Chiropractic / CSCS - certified

Cisco Reyes

Founder of The Rise Lab

PhD in Exercise Science /  Associate Professor at Linfield University

Executive Board Member for NSCA Sport Science and Performance Tech special interest group